Monday, August 12, 2013

Week One Done

Week one is done. Okay, so really it's more than one week. We did have one day in there we ended up skipping thanks to a filling of a cavity that left one certain little girl quite grumpy. Can you blame her?

First day of First Grade!
The obligatory "get to know" sheet. I love these! From Down Under Teacher
Outdoor shape search- Evan-Moor How to Teach Art to Children

learning to spell high frequency words

Reading her big story in Reading Street

Learning about mammals- Idea from Mrs. Rings K-Crew

We've learned about the butterfly life cycle several times. It's one of her favorites! Idea from The Pinay Homeschooler
 So far, we are loving Reading Street. I've had to work hard to adapt it to homeschool because they do not include a teacher's plan with their homeschool bundle, but I think I've got it figured out and created a good plan for us. Cutting up the high frequency words and then making a scramble game out of them using mini pocket charts (Target $1 bin!) has been a huge hit. We've also been using the free services on for practice. Today I found some Word Strips in the Target $1 bin that she can use to practice writing her high frequency words. She also is doing BJU Spelling so I'm going to start having her practice those words as well in the same ways we are doing her Reading Street HFW's.

She is breezing through Horizon's 2 Math Book 1. Maybe I should have just skipped to Book 2 after all. The practice is good for her and I need to remind myself that the reason for starting Book 1 was so we could make sure her math foundation was solid.

We did about 10 minutes of BJU Heritage Studies then put it away until either Christmas or even next year. She was excited about it but I felt like it was too mature. There is a big jump between 2nd and 3rd grade content isn't there?! I don't think I realized how much a of a leap it would be. In lieu of our original plan, I'm piecing together my own curriculum that is more social studies focused and covering topics like Citizenship, State Symbols, Rules and Laws, etc... Plus she has American Girl History starting soon at Co-Op and I have a feeling we are going to have our hands full with that.

Science this past week consisted of learning about mammals and life cycles. We've had fun going outside and searching for insect eggs under leaves. I've never done that before!

This week our theme is space, just in time for the meteor shower. Keeping my fingers crossed that the sky clears up!


  1. Hi! I am going to be starting homeschooling in the fall and I'm looking forward to reading back through your posts for ideas and curriculum suggestions. Happy New Year!

  2. If you ever have any questions about any curriculum I've used, feel free to ask!