Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Finalized Curriculum for 2013-2014

One more day until the first official day of the 2013-2014 school year! Just when I thought I had our curriculum all figured out, I switched everything around.

Language Arts: After being turned onto Reading Street by my stepmom, I ended up going that route and ordering their homeschool bundle. It has been a bit of a headache to convert to homeschooling but I think I've gotten it under control and am looking forward to diving into it. We'll be doing it on a four day plan so we will not actually start it fully until next Monday so that I can get a good feel for how heavy or light the lessons are if we do them consecutively. I researched the first grade Reading Street bundle and felt that we had indeed covered all of the material in our LifePac Language Arts Grade 1, so I in the end I went with the second grade set and it looks right on track for where she is academically. There is a spelling and writing component that can be added into Reading Street but we'll be doing other curriculum for those two areas. We are still going to recognize the High Frequency Words and Amazing Words but I don't feel like it's as solid as our BJU Spelling.

Math: This is where I made our other big switch. We've done Singapore and Math Mammoth and enjoyed them for the most part but some of the way math is taught in Singapore and MM was pulling her back a bit. She didn't need to break up problems different ways to get to her answer. I know this is the "new way" to do math with the Common Core, but we don't like it and we can get to our answers much faster with traditional algorithms. We moved over to Horizons 2 because it appears to take the traditional approach and I think it might be nice to try a spiral math for a change. A good chunk of her book is going to be review and I expect her to fly through it but I feel better about making sure she's got a good foundation before moving on to 3rd grade math. I feel like there will be a lot less wasted time on trying to answer one math problem several different ways.

History: Heritage Studies 3. We did Heritage Studies 2 last year and loved it. She is also doing the American Girl History Curriculum at our Co-Op.

Social Studies and Geography: Reading Street and Heritage Studies do a phenomenal job at integrating Social Studies into their lessons but I am also supplementing with lessons from Evan-Moor Teacher Filebox to cover not only Social Studies but Geography as well.

Science: Reading Street also does a good job at including Science into their reading lessons but I still feel like it needs some supplementation. Enter Evan-Moore Teacher Filebox.

Bible and Character: We are still working on 2nd grade Finding God's Promises and will be doing Who is God at Co-Op

Health: Evan-Moore Teacher File Box and a random assortment of living books and doing PE at Co-Op

Language: Sign Language at Co-Op

Music: Kindermusik at Co-Op and composer studies

Art: Evan-Moore How to Teach Art, Teacher File Box, and artist studies I've found online (thanks Pinterest!)

What am I forgetting? I know it sounds like a lot and it seems crazy for a 5 year old but that is where we are and we embrace it!

Now to figure out what to do with my preschooler on his days when he's not gone to preschool...

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  1. Looks like a fun year! I like the new picture and blog look.