Saturday, July 6, 2013

I suppose I should start planning.

It's July already? Goodness that came fast. I love summer so I'm not complaining but when July 1st rolled around I realized that the new homeschool year is just a month away and that I need to get down to business with planning. I still haven't even re-registered with our umbrella or turned in last years attendance sheet! Thankfully I got the new school room up and running and so far we are loving it. I do wish I had more wall space but hey, I now have a dedicated school room so I'm going to take it as is and take advantage of what I do have. I'll try and take some pictures in the next few days and post them.

School room. Check.

Curriculum. Check.

Everything else. Yeah, no checks.

I have enough of our curriculum that I can say I'm ready to go on that end. I haven't bought our next handwriting book yet but truth be told, we didn't finish the last one. I felt like I've needed to wait a bit until her motor skills improved. We tried formal handwriting lessons which she did great with but when it came time to write outside of those lessons, she wants to do it her way and gets very frustrated when you correct her and starts shutting down. I'm not sure how else to handle this other than to wait it out a bit. And no, Handwriting Without Tears is not the answer. She did that program in the past and hated it.

I'm suddenly a bit shook up on Language Arts. I had planned on continuing with LifePac but my stepmother introduced me to Reading Street which is popular among the public schools. I took a long hard look at it and fell in love. I even showed Saha some of the videos and games and she enjoyed them. The program is Common Core aligned; not that I follow the Common Core rigorously or fully agree with it, but I do use it as a guide of sorts for what we should master for each grade. The catch? It's $114 for the homeschool package on CBD and I've already purchased LifePac LA 2. Granted I found a brand new set marked at the used price of $39 but still, I have it and hate to waste it. I do like their workbooks and found they work well so I don't know what to do. Plus we already have BJU Spelling in place and love it. I don't want to overload her.

This year I'm going to do a lot more planning than in the past. Previously, I stayed extremely lax with our schooling time because 1. She started school a year early. 2. She's way ahead. 3. I disagreed with making a 5 year old do school work if she wasn't in the mood. Now that she is actually supposed to be in school, it's time to tighten up a bit and be more structured. Having a school room will make that so much easier. Planning a fun school year will also benefit us. That means lots of crafts, music, P.E., field trips, and science experiments. She's more apt to do her 3 R's when she has fun stuff interspersed throughout the day. I do have to take into account that little man is with us on 2 of our 4 days at home but he's starting to understand now that big sis has to do school and he can either do his preschool with us or watch movies or just play whatever it is he wants to play. I'm still not doing any formal preschool with him unless he asks for it (for those of you new around here, my little guy has Autism and attends a special ed preschool twice a week).

Now where to start planning? Overwhelmed? Yes!

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  1. Gosh, I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been awhile since I've had time to write let alone READ any blogs. :) But, I look forward to keeping up with your homeschooling. I'm hoping *fingers crossed* to if anything, start my own homeschool blog this upcoming year. :)